Your development

Here at Aviva we place a strong emphasis on growth and development, giving everyone the opportunity to talk about their career aspirations and discuss potential opportunities.

When a new employee joins, they’ll take part in a group activity where they will learn about our values and the corporate strategy. Then, as part of our goal-setting process, we'll talk about their objectives and agree a development plan to make sure they‘re receiving all the necessary training and development. Our approach to learning is varied and covers everything from learning from experience, connecting with other subject matter experts and 1:1 coaching, to attending formal training programs. We also offer innovative online learning, and for some roles, the option to study for formal qualifications.

We see it as our responsibility to develop our current and future business leaders, and it’s something we take very seriously. As such, we provide those individuals with the privilege to lead others with support through the Leading @ Aviva and Leadership Development curriculum. 

Your Career

At Aviva we aim to build an environment where you can thrive and we actively ask people about their career interests. We want to understand what you want to do, where you want to be and how you can get there. We want to talk to you about your ability, interests and motivation and we want to present opportunities to you that excite you and fit with your ambitions.

The focus is on action, transparency and talking about careers. At all levels of the organisation everyone will have a formal career conversation at least once a year where we can have an open and honest conversation. Our talent management philosophy allows us to differentiate our people and focus our investment, to get sight of where our future leaders and experts are, from whichever stage they are at in their careers. It is important to us to see our people grow and develop and to listen to what people say about their careers.

Rewards & benefits

In additional to your salary, we offer benefits that are both comprehensive and flexible. Whether you're in your first job, you've bought a property, had another child or are looking towards retirement; you'll be able to tailor your rewards so that you can get even more out of working at Aviva.

In practice, you'll get a generous amount of annual vacation, and you will be able to buy more through our flexible benefits program. Our full-time roles also include a bonus based on our overall performance and how you achieve your objectives. We will set you up with retirement savings through an automatic employer contribution to a Defined Contribution Pension Plan (DCPP.) 

After that, the benefits you make use of are up to you. There's a flexible medical and dental benefits plan, an employee share purchase plan and other perks like a fitness subsidy. You can also get discounts on our Home & Auto insurance products.

  • Competitive salary

  • Health and dental benefits

  • Bonus opportunities

  • Fitness subsidy

  • Paid volunteer days

  • Employee share purchase plan

  • Employer DCPP contributions

  • Discounts on home & auto insurance* (*where applicable)

Working together