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You can review our current opportunities by clicking the ‘Search and apply’ button, or you can find out further information about our student roles on this website.

About Student Opportunities at Aviva

At Aviva we value new talent joining our business to become our subject experts of the future.  Partnering with students allows us to attract talent keen to learn on-the-job skills, and collaborate with our current employees to bring a fresh perspective and new skills for the future.

We have opportunities, in a range of locations across the country, for self-motivated individuals who want to get hands-on experience via co-op programs as well as informal student opportunities during study breaks.

If you’re keen to learn constantly, become valuable quickly and take responsibility for driving your own future, working as a student with Aviva could be perfect for you.

  • Formal co-op programs to help you satisfy your study requirements
  • A paid role with workplace learning and off the job training to learn a new skill and gain experience
  • An opportunity to build a good reputation and develop a professional network, which could open up future opportunities for permanent roles upon completion of your studies
  • Student roles are open to individuals of all ages who are taking part in a program of study and want to put their learnings into action


About you

  1. Are you looking for the chance to build something long-term, and get support to learn the technical skills you need to build a career in the insurance industry?
  2. Are you ready to be customer focused and see how Aviva helps change people’s lives and makes a difference by being there when our customers need us most?
  3. Are you prepared to invest time and effort to study for professional qualifications relevant to your role?
  4. Do your attitude and your personal values reflect Aviva’s customer principles, and will they come through in the way you approach your work?

All sorts of people work for Aviva. And we’re proud that our workforce is so diverse. In fact we encourage everyone who works for us to express their own personalities and make the most of their individual talents. Having said that though, there are some very specific things we’ll look for in our new student hires.

You’ll need to show us you’ll be able to pick up the skills we’ll be teaching you. So, an aptitude for learning and a desire to perform to the best of your ability are vital. We’ll also want to make sure that you’re as committed to our customers as we are. We also want to learn from you while you’re here, so we need students on our team who can make their voice heard and are comfortable with sharing their good ideas.

Ultimately, our goal for our student hires is to create passionate insurance professionals who will be with Aviva for the long term. Are you ready?

What's in it for you?

Your work will be determined by which area of our business you join. If you join on of our Underwriting departments, you’ll be helping us to sell or renew insurance policies for our customers. Working in Claims, you’ll be front and center when our customers need us. Working in an area like IT will give you exposure to hardware and software being used in a real-time business setting. Regardless of which area of our business you’re working in, you will be there side-by-side with our team members helping to solve real problems and contributing to business results.

At Aviva, our pay for student positions is tied to your year of study. As you progress through your education, so will your compensation.

You will return to your studies having either satisfied the requirement for your co-op program, or having gained valuable work experience. Now that we know you and the good work that you do, and you have worked with us to learn about how we do things, we may invite you back for future work terms or consider you for permanent roles when your studies are complete.

What makes us different is that, despite our size, we work hard to recognise the individual needs of every one of our customers. Why? To help us achieve our goal – to be the most recommended insurer. You can find out more about what it’s like at Aviva on the ‘What we do’ page.

Wherever we can, we’ll arrange for you to meet with members of your team before you start. This will likely take place during your interview process.

You’ll have a couple of days to settle in to your office, meet your manager and get to know your team. Then depending on the team you join and the role you will be doing you may join a classroom training program, or you may have some structured on-the-job training. Either way, you'll be fully supported as you start your career with Aviva.

Where will I be

A great long-term future is definitely one of the things you can look forward to at Aviva. Find out how your role could change and where you could go in:

0 - 3 years

Three years in and you’ll be on your way to completing relevant professional qualifications. This won’t be the end of your development though – that’s ongoing. But it is the time to start thinking about what you do next. With the help of leader, you’ll start to plan your career goals for the coming few years. 

5 years

After around five or six years you’ll have built strong relationships within your team plus a network of colleagues across the business. You’ll make the most of these relationships to create better outcomes for the business and influence people to get things done. You’ll have held a number of roles and you may be managing a team, mentoring new joiners, or leading programmes that help shape our future.

10+ years

By now you’ll be close to the business’s strategic decision making, using your knowledge and expertise daily to influence decisions about growth, new processes, business lines and / or people. There will be something new to keep you on your toes every day, as you plug into the business agenda and help shape Aviva’s future. 

Recruitment process

Take a look to see what current student roles we are recruiting for. Do this by clicking the ‘Search and apply’ button at the top of the page. This will direct you to our careers page, from where you can search for roles.

If you pass the application review the next stage of your journey will depend on which role you have applied for. In some instances we will invite you straight to the in-person interview. In others, you may be invited to complete an online video interview, and after which you may be invited to an in-person interview.

Depending on which role you have applied for you may be invited to complete an online video interview. We want to get to know you better and our online video interview allows us to learn more about you and your motivations for joining Aviva. We will ask you a series of example based questions which relate to our Values: Care More, Kill Complexity, Never Rest and Create Legacy. More detail can be found on the 'About Aviva' page. The video interview may also include questions related directly to the responsibilities of the specific role.

Don’t worry if you haven’t completed a video interview before. The system will guide you through the set up step by step and provide a test question for you to practice until you are ready to begin the interview. Just make sure that you are somewhere quiet and won’t be disturbed. You won’t know the questions in advance but we recommend that you’re as honest and as open as you can be, so we can understand who you are and what matters to you.

Depending on the role that you have applied for you will have a face to face interview with one or two leaders from the business area where the role will be based. Expect this interview to also focus on our Aviva values, as well as your experience and knowledge that is relevant to this role, and working at Aviva. This is also your opportunity to ask whatever questions you might have about working at Aviva, or the role specifically, so that you can be sure that joining our team is the right choice for you.

If you are successful following the final stage assessment you will be made an offer. If you are currently in school, this may be subject to your graduation from your program of study.

Before you join us you'll need to complete our pre-employment screening process. We do need some information from you, but we'll guide you through this step-by-step.

If you are successful in being offered a role, Aviva will carry out the following pre-employment screening checks:

  • Credit check
  • Criminal records search

As we provide financial services, we're heavily regulated. We complete this process for all new Aviva employees – it's an important part of reassuring our customers that their personal information is in safe hands.

Once the checks are complete, you will be part of our Global On-boarding process and will receive all the information that you need to ensure that joining the Aviva team is as seamless as possible.